My writing engages with stories that have been known and beloved for centuries, and in retelling them seeks to interrogate why these stories have lasted and weave a new interpretation that speaks to readers of today. The project(s) listed below are works in progress, but follow me on social media to find news about their development! You can also join my Patreon to see behind-the-scenes content. 



When the sacred tree of the heir to the throne of Izolat, Misila Lanoleu-Nevea, burns down, the cursed gardener Pomona discovers a magic mirror beneath its roots that reveals a dangerous secret about the misila, her family, and Pomona’s own deadly touch. Forced by a murder plot to flee into the forest with the misila, Pomona tries to convince Nevea that her trusted adviser, Appius, is responsible for the threat. But the seven dwarven followers of Appius who have given Nevea shelter are determined to keep her in the dark and vulnerable. With the help of their ethereal guardian Delia, a talking horse, and a huntress without hands, Pomona and Nevea must survive the forest and escape to the southern nation before the seven false friends succeed in killing them.

Adult Fantasy

The Iridia Series, Book 1

Our Souls Could Be Stars


Tarina Saarinen considers herself a modern mind. While her sister still clings to their mother's religion, in which Starweavers turn souls into stars after death, Taru prefers to study astronomy and other natural sciences with the support of her academic father. But when her Aunt Kerronta, a Starweaver, visits for the five-year anniversary of the death of Taru's mother, Taru begins to feel like the entire world is forcing her away from her passion and into the tradition she's so desperately trying to escape. After her sanctuary is destroyed, Taru becomes determined to prove that Starweaving is a hoax. Much to her surprise, when she sits at an enchanted loom, she accidentally works the magic in reverse, bringing a star back down to earth in human form. Tahti, as he is called, does not remember who he is, and it becomes Taru's responsibility to learn his story and put him back in the sky where he belongs. But the miracle of Tahti's appearance makes this more complicated than hoped, as many people are invested in ensuring that Tahti stays on earth. Together, Taru and Tahti search for the truth of his past, forcing Taru to face the past she's been running from as well. 

Young Adult Fantasy


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